Emerging boundaries of human rights, conviviality, and social science of globalization: critiques in search of new dynamics

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThe panel deals with three interrelated issues – even if their commonness does not seem that obvious – of the current transformations of global societies and social sciences across very diverse geographical areas around the globe: human rights, conviviality (Caillé) and the issue of the “global” in social sciences. Each subject is contested. Each has reached a “frontier” and the debate turns around the question of regress or new ways of expansion. So, the question is what are the dynamics of new phenomena that try to cross the frontier.-
Descrição: dc.descriptionThis event and publication had the support of CHAM (NOVA FCSH/UAc), through the strategic project sponsored by FCT (UIDB/04666/2020 and UIDP/04666/2020), funded by FCT.-
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