Synthesis and evaluation of biocide and cetane number improver additives for biodiesel from chemical changes in triacylglycerides

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Descrição: dc.descriptionBiodiesel demand is increasing all over the world and the inhibition of microbial growth during the storage of this biofuel is extremely important. There are few studies involving the evaluation of biocides specifically for biodiesel. In the present work, we synthesized and evaluated a set of biocide candidates from chemical transformations in triacylglycerides. Samples of pure biodiesel with the products were evaluated against microorganisms which have been isolated from biodiesel/diesel blends (fungi A. niger, A. fumigatus, C. albicans and S. cerevisiae; and bacteria B. subtilis and Acinetobacter sp.). None of the products inhibited the growth of bacteria. Four nitrated derivatives presented fungicidal activity. The nitrated derivatives were also evaluated as cetane number improvers for B7 biodiesel/diesel blend. The nitrates of soybean methoxylated ethylene glycol esters increased the cetane number by more than three points. Despite showing modest biocide activity, the results can guide the planning of new products from triacylglycerides.-
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