Legacies of the civil war [The civil war and reconstruction era, 1845-1877]

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Descrição: dc.descriptionPresents part of course, the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877, when Professor Blight finishes his lecture series with a discussion of the legacies of the Civil War. Blight suggests have been three predominant strains of Civil War memory, and defines as reconciliationist, white supremacist, and emancipationist. Shows how the war has retained a political currency throughout the years, and the ability to control the memory of the Civil War has been, and continues to be, hotly contested-
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???dc.description2???: dc.description2To present a discussion of the legacies of the American Civil War-
???dc.description3???: dc.description3Duration: 49 min, 15 s. To hear this resource its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <http://www.apple.com/pt/quicktime/>-
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