Workshop and factory [France since 1871]

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Descrição: dc.descriptionEducação Superior::Ciências Humanas::História-
Descrição: dc.descriptionIn this class Professor John Merriman talks about large-scale industrialization and workers in France. The idea that the Industrial Revolution in France was completely overshadowed by British industrial development is inaccurate, because it doesn't take into account other non-factory occupations. Workers other than the factory working ones were first responsible for the organization of labor movements in France. Many workers rebelled in the form of strikes against was the imposition of industrial discipline-
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Título: dc.titleWorkshop and factory [France since 1871]-
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???dc.description2???: dc.description2To learn about the Industrial Revolution in France-
???dc.description3???: dc.description3Duration: 51 min, 28 s. To hear this resource its necessary the instalation of Quick time. Available at: <>-
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