The trinomial distribution

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Descrição: dc.descriptionA binomial random variable models the number of successes in n trials, where the trials are independent and the only options on each trial are success and failure. A generalization of this called a multinomial distribution can be obtained by allowing more than two possibilities on each trial. When there are three possibilities on each trial, call them "perfect", "acceptable", and "failing", the result is a trinomial random variable. Letting X be the number of perfects and Y the number of acceptables in n trials, the image is a rendering of the joint probability mass function of X and Y. The cuboid whose lower-left corner is at (x,y) has height equal to the probability of x perfects and y acceptables in n trials. Note that if p1 is the probability of a trial being perfect and p2 the probability of a trial being acceptable, then the probability of failure on the trial is 1-p1-p2-
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Título: dc.titleThe trinomial distribution-
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