A moving myosin motor protein

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThe muscle myosin is a dimer of two identical motor heads (catalytic cores are blue; lever arms in the prestroke ADP-Pi state are yellow), which are anchored to the thick filament (top) by a coiled coil (gray rod extending to the upper right). In the ADP-Pi-bound state, the catalytic core binds weakly to actin. One head docks properly onto an actin binding site (green). The two myosin heads act independently, and only one attaches to actin at a time. Actin docking causes phosphate release from the active site. The lever arm then swings to the poststroke, ADP-bound state (red), which moves the actin filament by approximately 100 angstroms. After completing the stroke, ADP dissociates and ATP binds to the active site, which rapidly reverts the catalytic core to its weak-binding actin state. The lever arm will then recock back to its prestroke state (i.e., back to the start of the movie). The trailing head, which has released its phosphate (Pi) and detached its neck linker (red) from the core, is in the process of being thrown forward-
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???dc.description2???: dc.description2To show the moving myosin motor protein-
???dc.description3???: dc.description3Duration: 29 min, 26 s. Original video created in November 2003. Original resource provided by Rosalind V Silverman-Gavrila. Work conducted at University of Toronto, Toronto, CA-
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