A fotografia como construção do real nas redes sociais digitais

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???dc.contributor.advisor???: dc.contributor.advisorLandal, Simone-
Autor(es): dc.contributor.authorMarcondes, Andressa Soraya Paganella-
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???dc.identifier.citation???: dc.identifier.citationMARCONDES, Andressa Soraya Paganella. A fotografia como construção do real nas redes sociais digitais. 2011. 64 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, 2011.pt_BR
Fonte: dc.identifier.urihttp://www.educapes.capes.gov.br/handlecapes/171144-
Resumo: dc.description.abstractThis work introduces issues related to photography, regarding to its history, to the idea of documenting the reality, and to the meanings assigned to it by individuals. This work also presents new technologies in use for the photographical act, its new features, means of transmission and storage. It discusses these new features, which can be assigned to photography within the current digital means, through Internet on social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. It discusses how photographs can be, in certain way, considered construction of the reality, taking into account the actions of human beings to conceive them and also, the new digital technologies. It discusses how the notion of index is currently configured and how can it be related to the construction of identity and profiles in the cyberspace. The methodology used in this work consists of literature research and participant observation of the analyzed social networking sites.pt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectFotografia - Históriapt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectFotografia - Inovações tecnológicaspt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectRedes sociaispt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectPhotography - Historypt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectPhotography - Technological innovationspt_BR
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectSocial networkspt_BR
Título: dc.titleA fotografia como construção do real nas redes sociais digitaispt_BR
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