Robust broadband vibration control of a flexible structure using an electrical dynamic absorber

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis paper presents a simple but practical feedback control method to suppress the vibration of a flexible structure in the frequency range between 10 Hz and 1 kHz. A dynamic vibration absorber is designed for this, which has a natural frequency of 100 Hz and a normalized bandwidth (twice the damping ratio) of 9.9. The absorber is realized electrically by feeding back the structural acceleration at one position on the host structure to a collocated piezoceramic patch actuator via an analog controller consisting of a second-order lowpass filter. This absorber is equivalent to a single degree-of-freedom mechanical oscillator consisting of a serially connected mass-spring-damper system. A first-order lowpass filter is additionally used to improve stability at very high frequencies. Experiments were conducted on a free-free beam embedded with a piezoceramic patch actuator and an accelerometer at its center. It is demonstrated that the single absorber can simultaneously suppress multiple vibration modes within the control bandwidth. It is further shown that the control system is robust to slight changes in the plant. The method described can be applied to many other practical structures, after retuning the absorber parameters for the structure under control.-
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