O EEG na insuficiencia renal cronica. III. Valor prognostico

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Descrição: dc.descriptionIn 1983 and 1984 we performed a longitudinal 1-year follow-up study of 15 patients with chronic renal failure, 8 of whom were on hemodialysis and 7 on peritoneal dialysis. The EEG abnormalities of these patients were catalogued and filed and the patients' medical records were examined 5 years later for an analysis of their clinical evolution. Old age EEG findings were detected in young patients with chronic renal failure who died. We conclude that old age EEG findings in patients of any age with chronic renal failure represent a poor prognosis. In contrast, EEG asynchronies are associated with severe uremic encephalopathy but are reversible, since these phenomena were fully reversed together with all clinical alterations in a patient who later received a renal transplant.-
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