Candida golubevii sp nov., an asexual yeast related to Metschnikowia lunata

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Descrição: dc.descriptionTwo strains of a novel yeast species were isolated from insect frass and a flower in Thailand and Brazil, respectively. The strain from Thailand was isolated from insect frass collected in Than-Tong waterfall, Nong Khai Province, whereas the strain from Brazil was recovered from a flower of Ipomoea sp. collected on the banks of the Paraguai River in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The sequences of the D1/D2 domains of the large subunit of the rDNA of both strains were identical. This novel species belonged to the Metschnikowia clade and was related to Metschnikowia lunata. No signs of sporulation were observed for the two strains on various culture media. The novel species, Candida golubevii sp. nov., is proposed to accommodate these isolates. The type strain is BCC 8332(T) (= CBS 11362(T) = NBRC 105679(T)).-
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