The release call of Rhaebo guttatus (Anura: Bufonidae)

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThe bufonid genus Rhaebo contains 13 species, Rhaebo guttatus being one of the two species that occur in Brazil. Here we describe for the first time the release call of R. guttatus from the Brazilian Amazonia. Release calls are highly variable both in the temporal and in the frequency domains. The advertisement and release calls of Rhaebo guttatus are distinguished from each other by their temporal envelope, distribution of sound energy, and calling emission patterns. The acoustic characterization of release calls in Rhaebo could be potentially informative in the taxonomy of this genus, as previously reported for members of the bufonid genus Rhinella.-
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Título: dc.titleThe release call of Rhaebo guttatus (Anura: Bufonidae)-
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