Towards a multi-agent architecture for process supervision and control system

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Descrição: dc.descriptionTechnological advances have leveraged the use of devices in industrial environments, which have contributed to the increase in their complexity. In this sense, there is a need for new technologies and approaches to address involved complexity and develop computational systems that provide tools to integrate heterogeneous components, manage and analyze the huge amount of data produced, in order to automate the activities of process supervision and control. In this context, the approach of multi-agent systems, service-oriented architecture and semantic technologies offer promising and novel ways to design and develop complex, distributed, flexible and scalable systems. This work presents a multi-agent architecture based on these technologies aiming to provide a reference model for the development of process supervision and control system. The proposed architecture was specified based on a literature survey and brings together the main requirements and features related to the use of these technologies for process supervision and monitoring.-
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