Implementation of an Induction Motor Mathematical Model for Stator Winding Fault Analysis

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Descrição: dc.descriptionInduction motors are versatile, affordable and highly efficient machines, which makes them the principal source of electromechanical power in industrial application. However, induction motors eventually undergo failures, mostly due to insulation between turns or coils of stator windings, which are the structure with the highest incidence of electrical faults. In this work, it is presented an asymmetric mathematical model of induction motor that characterizes the electrical behavior of machine under stator winding fault. The model, derived from the symmetric one, was implemented on MATLAB/ Simulink (R) virtual environment and the simulation results are compared to experimental tests, which were carried out on a motor previously modified for non-destructive trials. Additionally, the absolute and RMS values of stator currents from simulation and from experimental tests was analyzed, and results show the proposed model validation.-
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