Evolution of the diet in the pos-operatory of bariatric surgeries: integrating review of the literature

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Descrição: dc.descriptionMore and more people are using bariatric surgery for weight loss and improvement of comorbidities associated with overweight, the most common Roux-en-Y gastric bypass technique (Fobi-Capella), this surgical technique is currently considered standard gold. The weight loss of these patients is guaranteed by low food intake due to decreased gastric capacity and also by malabsorption of nutrients. Objective: This study aims to verify the different types of dietary conducts in the OP applied in different places and their aspects more relevant to the behavior of the nutritionist. Methods: Survey of literary articles, search in the Latin American and Caribbean databases on Health Sciences (LILACS), Medline, Ibecs, Sec. Est. Saude P, Scielo and Google Scholar. Being used for the search of the articles the descriptors bariatric surgery and postoperative diet and their combinations in the Portuguese and English languages. Results: The authors emphasize the need to start the postoperative diet through the liquid diet, in small amounts and progress until reaching the general diet, however, they differ as to the time in days for the evolution of the consistency of the diets. Conclusion: Despite the similarity of the conduct, further studies are needed to establish a standardized protocol on diet after bariatric surgery in order to guide health professionals and to avoid that nutrient and micronutrient deficits continue to occur in these patients.-
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