A sedação sobre os potenciais evocados auditivos em cães

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Descrição: dc.descriptionBrainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) reflects the electrical activity along the auditory pathway, from the cochlea to the brainstem, and contributes for the diagnosis of deafness in dogs. BAEP recording may require chemical restraint in some cases, so this study was designed to analyze the impact of sedation with morphine and acepromazine on the BAEP recordings of 16 dogs with normal hearing. BAEPs were recorded before and during sedation with a combination of morphine (0.5mgkg(-1)) and acepromazine (0.05mgkg(-1)) given intramuscularly. The protocol employed allowed safe and effective animal restraint. Sedation increased the latency of waves II and III and intervals I-III and I-V but did not interfere with wave identification. and showed to be safe in the dogs tested. Based on the current literature this is the first study which assessed the impact of sedation on BAEPs in dogs in Brazil.-
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