Smoothing by cubic spline modified applied to solve inverse thermal problem

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis paper presents an alternative to cubic spline regularization and its weighted form applied in solving inverse thermal problems. The inverse heat transfer problems are classified as ill-posed, that is, the solution may become unstable, mainly because they are sensitive to random errors deriving from the input data, necessitating a regularization method to soften these effects. The smoothing technique proposed by cubic spline regularization ensures that the global data tend to be more stable, with fewer data oscillations and dependent on a single arbitrary parameter input. It also shows that the weighted cubic spline is able to enhance filter action. The methods have been implemented in order for the search engine to optimize the choice of parameters and weight and, thus, the smoothing gains more flexibility and accuracy. The simulated and experimental tests confirm that the techniques are effective in reducing the amplified noise by inverse thermal problem presented.-
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Título: dc.titleSmoothing by cubic spline modified applied to solve inverse thermal problem-
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