Static bending strength of heat-treated and chromated copper arsenate-treated plywood

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Descrição: dc.descriptionPlywood can be used in the furniture industry and in civil construction due to its structural strength. However, for long useful life in construction, especially in tropical countries, it needs to undergo treatments against xylophagous organisms. The most common preservative treatment is the chemical chromated copper arsenate (CCA); there are alternatives, such as heat treatment, that do not use chemicals. The objective of this work was to evaluate the mechanical resistance of CCA and heat-treated plywood prepared at three different temperatures (160 °C, 180 °C, and 200 °C). Pinus taeda plywood with seven veneers and phenol-formaldehyde adhesive was produced and subjected to the preservative treatments. The results showed that the CCA treatment reduced the mechanical strength of the panels, while the heat treatment did not. Heat treatment also decreased panel hygroscopicity, indicating a better dimensional stability.-
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