É chegado o embate do século… XIX. Desejo versus nada, ou Freud, potência e vontade

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis article aims to allocate a question between two apparently antagonistic concepts, stemmed from philosophy and psychoanalysis, in terms to extract some significant theoretical consequences for the clinical field of depression and eating disorders. Thus, the essay aims to ask (and not to respond): 1) whether or not Freudian psychoanalysis retreat before a so called nihilistic entropy, i.e., the irresistible appetite for the nothing’s drive as proposed by Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, for example? 2) If it would be possible or overly paradoxical sketch an analytical practice from these premises, or at least forward one reflection that can be directed to the therapeutic field (psychoanalytic in this case); or else, 3) if it is found that psychoanalysis invests in Eros, due to its therapeutic virtue originally, what would be left in terms of a nihilism-psychoanalysis injunction?.-
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