Enhanced model for ZTC in irradiated and strained pFinFET

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis paper presents for the first time the inclusion of a p-type transistor in the CM (Camilo/Martino) ZTC (Zero Temperature Coefficient) analytical model. It was used for strained SOI pFinFETs submitted to proton radiation, enabling a comparison of the improved theoretical model with the experimental data. It was observed that both the proton irradiation and mechanical strain influence the transconductance (gm) and the threshold voltage (VTH), and both effects change the ZTC voltage (Vztc) as a function of temperature following the proposed model. For the studied devices and the investigated range of temperatures, the maximum error between experimental and model data was less than 13% in the worst case. Now with an n and p-type model, it is easier to use it to design CMOS analog circuits biased on/near the ZTC region.-
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Relação: dc.relationSBMicro 2017 - 32nd Symposium on Microelectronics Technology and Devices: Chip on the Sands, co-located Symposia: 30th SBCCI - Circuits and Systems Design, 2nd INSCIT - Electronic Instrumentation, 7th WCAS - IC Design Cases and 17th SForum - Undergraduate-Student Forum-
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