Efficient very-high-gravity fermentation of sugarcane molasses by industrial yeast strains

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Descrição: dc.descriptionIn this study industrial strains were inoculated, in successive cycles, at high cell density into a sugarcane-based juice containing normal (22%, w/v) and very high sucrose (30%, w/v) levels and supplemented with peptone as a nitrogen source. At 30°C, in shaken cultures, in the normal gravity situation, efficient sucrose utilization occurred in both the supplemented and unsupplemented medium. At higher sugar concentrations, supplementation with peptone induced a more efficient fermentation compared with the unsupplemented medium, with higher biomass accumulation and maintenance of cell viability, and ethanol levels as high as 16% (v/v). Trehalose was also high during the cycles, probably as a necessary response of the yeast to the high stress fermentation conditions. This suggests that it is possible to increase ethanol production by using very-high-fermentation technology and that nutritional supplementation would have a positive effect on the fermentation, allowing for efficient sugar consumption and cell viability maintenance.-
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Título: dc.titleEfficient very-high-gravity fermentation of sugarcane molasses by industrial yeast strains-
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