Evidence and Rationale for Probiotics to Prevent Infections in the Elderly

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Descrição: dc.descriptionIn all age groups, the interaction of gut microbiota with food and pathogens appears to influence the health and disease balance. In the elderly, their impact may be more important. Modifications of the aging gut microbiota may explain why older persons are more susceptible to infections. Furthermore, they have a compromised ability to ward off infectious agents due to immunosenescence, chronic diseases, multiple chronic medications, malnutrition, and functional deficits. Probiotics are believed to modulate immune functions through interaction with lymphoid and epithelial gut cells, through mucosal immune systems. Previous investigations suggested the potential of probiotics to prevent infections. In this chapter, we will present the available evidence that supports the use of probiotics as a potential intervention to prevent infections, focusing on their use in older age groups and to prevent, rather than treat infections.-
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