Development process of a method, material and evaluation for professional qualification of employees with disabilities

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis paper presents a case study regarding the professional qualification training for a group of disabled employees newly hired by a company that manufactures automotive parts. These employees receive exclusive training to work on the company's plant floor. This research was limited to PCP (Planning and Production Control) classes, where was used the courseware, teaching methodology and student-employee assessment outlined in the structure of Product Development Process oriented for Assistive Technology. The main challenge was planning the training for a group of students that present physical, mental, visual or hearing disabilities. The research objective is to present the research conducted in the class and the possibility of development of teaching methods and materials that reach the cognition level of students with disabilities in the PCP subject, making them aware of the necessity of teamwork and consequently enabling them to perform their function as well as raise awareness for searching improvements in the work environment and alternatives communication with their coworkers. At the end, it is discussed the results presenting the strengths and difficulties found during the research in the professional qualification training classes. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.-
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