Effect of Incorporation of Disinfectant Solutions on Setting Time, Linear Dimensional Stability, and Detail Reproduction in Dental Stone Casts

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Descrição: dc.descriptionPurpose: The aim of this paper was to analyze the influence of incorporation of disinfectants during the cast die stone-setting time. Setting time, linear dimensional stability, and reproduction details on casts were measured.Materials and Methods: Die stone type IV specimens with disinfection solutions (sodium hypochlorite 1%, glutaraldehyde 2%, chlorhexidine 2%) were incorporated in two concentrations (50%, 100%). The detail reproduction, dimensional stability, and setting time were tested in accordance with ADA recommendations.Results: Disinfecting solutions promoted an increase in setting time compared to control; sodium hypochlorite was responsible for the highest setting time. The addition of undiluted sodium hypochlorite 1.0% led to contraction during setting, but the groups with 50% diluted sodium hypochlorite 1.0% and undiluted chlorhexidine 2.0% resulted in intermediate values compared to the other groups, thus matching the control. The others did not demonstrate any effect on expansion. For detail reproduction, it was observed that the control group presented results similar to the others, except those where sodium hypochlorite was added.Conclusions The addition of sodium hypochlorite in both dilutions significantly altered, negatively, all the evaluated properties. But the addition of glutaraldehyde and chlorhexidine did not promote any significant alterations in the evaluated properties.-
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