Laboratorial Tests with Transmission Line Model Based on Modified pi Circuits

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Descrição: dc.descriptionOne way to model the transmission lines is applying cascades of pi circuits for representing these systems. In practice, it is impossible to carry out tests in actual lines responsible for transmitting large blocks of electrical power. Thus, a simple physical model can be important for undergraduate students to familiarize themselves with concepts of electromagnetic waves, electrical length, reflection and refraction of waves. A simple physical model transmission line may consist of resistors, inductors and capacitors. So, the objective of this research was to build a simple physical model of transmission line based on a numerical model. The physical model will have multiple pi circuit units with an increase of RL branches in parallel. The various units of pi circuits represent the distribution of resistance, inductance and capacitance along the line. The RL branches in parallel introduce the influence of the frequency on line parameters.-
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