Incentive policies agroindustrialization family as part of the strategy to fight hunger and poverty in Brazil.

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Descrição: dc.descriptionBrazil recently left on the map of the geography of hunger in the world, according to data from the latest global report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He also received a distinction in the Report of Insecurity Food in the World for its strategy of hunger alleviation and significant reduction of malnutrition and underfeeding, being highly valued program of strengthening family agriculture and rural production for school meals for sale. This paper aims at an analysis of one of these federal programs, the Terra Forte, seeking to finance the establishment and modernization of agro-industrial collectives in settlements of agrarian reform, especially in popular cooperatives that use associated work. From the methodological point of view, we adopt the Multiple Streams model, adapting it to our purposes. In as far as the research methods used were collected institutional materials (edicts, official documents, regulations, etc.) which were subjected to a documentary analysis, were also analyzed speeches and interviews with representatives of the Government, institutions and social movements. Confirming that this program is a good strategy to combat hunger and poverty is extreme in Brazil, with important implications for the empowerment of workers associated in popular cooperatives.-
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Título: dc.titleIncentive policies agroindustrialization family as part of the strategy to fight hunger and poverty in Brazil.-
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