Preparation and characterization of monomodal grapevine virus a capsid protein

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Descrição: dc.descriptionGrapevine virus A (GVA), a flexible filament of approximately 800 nm in length is composed of capsid subunits that spontaneously assembles around a positive sense genomic RNA. In addition to encapsidation, plant viruses capsid proteins (CPs) participate in other processes throughout infection and GVA CP is involved in cell-to-cell translocation of the virus. A protocol was developed to obtain low-molecular weight GVA-CP that is not prone to aggregation and spontaneous assembly and this was characterized by circular dichroism and dynamic light scattering. These results indicate the suitably of GVA-CP for X-ray crystallographic and NMR studies that should lead to the elucidation of the first three-dimensional structure of a flexible filamentous virus from the Betaflexiviridae family.-
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