Oralidade em sala de aula: uma perspectiva de ensino da língua materna

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Descrição: dc.descriptionBy showing the absence of concern from schools in developing with students any kind of orality work, and the major importance they give only to reading and writing, this research shows an investigation on how the oral communication is established as learning content and how such education is conceived in the early years of elementary school, verifying if there is balance between the time devoted to written and spoken language activities, and how the oral language is treated in the classroom, this research also identifies which and how the oral genres are used, moreover, see if the teacher explores the emerging students‘ speech during class. This research was held in a government school in Bauru (SP), using three instruments to collect data: direct observation, videotaping observed classes, and a questionnaire. The observation and filming were done in only one classroom, a 3rd year of elementary school, in Portuguese classes; however, the questionnaire was applied to all school teachers, in order to have wider analytical conditions. The research´s approach is qualitative and ground on the bibliography study and field research. The analysis results indicate that school still emphasizes reading and writing method of teaching and does not work as bibliography authors propose in their researches about the studied topic; the reason is that this content has been applied to the curriculum recently, the teachers lack of clarity in some important concepts about speech and don´t have a bibliography basis-
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