Potassium nutrition in the first and second ratoon sugarcane grown in an Oxisol by a conservationist system

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThe presence of mulch on the soil surface after the mechanical harvesting of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) enhances the cycling of nutrients, especially K, which can decrease K fertilizer recommendations for the crop. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of K addition to an Oxisol, with an initial concentration 0.07 cmol(c) K kg(-1), in first and second ratoon (no-till) sugarcane cultures by a conservationist system, i.e. rational use of fertilizers, use of alternative inputs and especially the maintenance of residues in soil that was previously burned to facilitate cutting. The following K doses were tested: 0, 32.5, 65, 130, and 195 kg K2O ha(-1), arranged in a randomized block design with five replicates. Potassium content in the soil and in the plant, as well as the yield and the quality of stalks were evaluated. Soil K application increased K concentration in soil and plant, and was reflected in the prodUction of stalks, with higher production (87.5 and 107.5 t ha(-1)) with the use of 120 and 123 kg K2O ha(-1) in first and second ratoon sugarcane, respectively. At the first 2 yr it was not possible to reduce the K fertilization in ratoon. Therefore, with the introduction of the conservationist system there was an increase (20 t ha(-1)) at the second ratoon regarding the first one with the same applied rate.-
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