Breeding sites of the leaf frog phyllomedusa tetraploidea (hylidae, phyllomedusinae) in a forest remnant in southern Brazil

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Descrição: dc.descriptionPhyllomedusa tetraploidea is a Neotropical leaf frog from the Atlantic forest, but also occurs in altered areas. We evaluated the reproductive sites used by individuals of this species in a forest remnant in southern Brazil. The study was conducted at Turvo State Park for two months during the species's reproductive period. Calling and oviposition sites were characterized according to vegetation type, height, and distance from the margin. Clutches were placed mainly on liana leaves, near the margins of ponds, at an average height of 135 cm. The maximum number of eggs per clutch was 190. Males called on the vegetation from 1 to 1.5 m high, mainly on small trees, and close to the margins of ponds, with intermediary values of Simpson's Index (B = 3.51, B = 2.80,B = 3.39 respectively). Male's body length showed no relationship with quantitative variables of the calling sites. Our results suggest that the plasticity regarding reproductive sites exhibited by the species may be related to its occurrence in water bodies in disturbed habitats.-
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