In vitro Remineralizing Effect of Fluoride Varnishes Containing Sodium Trimetaphosphate

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Descrição: dc.descriptionThis study analyzed the effects of fluoride varnishes supplemented with sodium trimetaphosphate (TMP) on the remineralization of caries-like lesions in vitro. Bovine enamel discs were selected through surface hardness (SH) and caries-like lesions were induced. SH was again determined and the blocks were divided into 7 experimental groups (n = 24/group): placebo (no fluoride or TMP), 5% TMP, 2.5% NaF, 2.5% NaF/5%TMP, 5% NaF, 5% NaF/5%TMP and commercial formulation (Duraphat (TM), 5% NaF), following a blind protocol. Discs were treated with the varnishes and kept in a remineralizing solution for 4 h and a demineralizing solution for 2 h. Varnishes were then removed and half of the discs were used for analysis of loosely (CaF2) and firmly bound fluoride. The remaining discs were submitted to a pH-cycling regimen for 6 days. The percentage of surface hardness recovery (%SHR), cross-sectional hardness (Delta KHN) and enamel CaF2 and fluoride were determined. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and by Student-Newman-Keuls' test (p < 0.05). A dose-response relationship was observed between fluoride concentrations in the varnishes and %SHR. The 5% TMP varnish led to %SHR similar to that obtained for the placebo. When TMP was used in association with fluoride, however, significantly higher %SHR were observed in comparison with their counterparts without TMP. Moreover, Delta KHN obtained for the 5% NaF/5%TMP was significantly lower among all groups tested. Higher concentrations of CaF2 and fluoride were observed for Duraphat and 5% NaF, followed by 5% NaF/5% TMP, 2.5% NaF and 2.5% NaF/5% TMP (p < 0.05). It was concluded that the supplementation of fluoride varnishes with TMP leads to enhanced remineralizing effect of artificial caries lesions in vitro. (C) 2014 S. Karger AG, Basel-
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