The tree-shrub vegetation in rocky outcrop cerrado areas in Goiás State, Brazil

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Descrição: dc.descriptionWe describe the floristic composition of the tree-shrub vegetation in 10 areas of rocky outcrop cerrado in Goiás State, Brazil. Ten 20 × 50 m plots (totaling 1 ha) were established and all of the individuals with diameters at 30 cm above soil level (DB30) ≥ 5 cm were included in the sampling. Comparative analyses of the flora were realized using similarity indices (Sørensen and Czekanowski), classification analysis (TWINSPAN), and the Mantel test. A total of 13,041 tree-shrub individuals were sampled, distributed among 219 species, 129 genera and 55 families. Fabaceae was the most well-represented family, followed by Myrtaceae, Melastomataceae, Vochysiaceae, Malphigiaceae, and Rubiaceae. Fully 42.3% of the comparisons evaluated by the Sørensen index were > 0.50, while all the values were < 0.50 for the Czekanowski index, with the exception of Jaraguá and Mara Rosa areas. The TWINSPAN classification generated four divisions and, in general, only the differences in the size of the population were responsible for the groupings. The Mantel test indicated that there was no relationship between floristic similarity and the distances between the areas (r = 0.32, P = 0.05). It therefore appears that the areas of rocky outcrop cerrado in Goiás State are relatively floristically homogeneous and that they are principally distinguished by the differences in the sizes of the populations of their dominant species, and the presence of exclusive species in certain areas.-
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