Taylor series

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Descrição: dc.descriptionPresents a program that will graph the first 20 Maclaurin polynomials (Taylor polynomials about x=0) of y=f(x), after supply f(x) and the Taylor coefficients, a[n]-
Descrição: dc.descriptionComponente Curricular::Educação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Matemática-
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Publicador: dc.publisherMathematics Archives (MathArchives)-
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Direitos: dc.rightsThis program may be freely distributed by any means, including bulletin boards, provided that there is no fee or charge or consideration of any kind-
???dc.source???: dc.sourcehttp://archives.math.utk.edu/software/msdos/calculus/.html-
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectPolynomials-
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectMathematics-
Palavras-chave: dc.subjectEducação Superior::Ciências Exatas e da Terra::Matemática::Análise Complexa-
Título: dc.titleTaylor series-
???dc.description2???: dc.description2To show the first 20 Maclaurin polynomials-
???dc.description3???: dc.description3Resource's main source: University of Arizona. The Mathematics Archives is supported by the National Science Foundation, the State of Tennessee Science Alliance and the Departments of Mathematics at Calvin College and the University of Arizona, Tucson. The resource was tested in the following operational system: Windows Xp and Vista. In both versions the resource did not present any problem to run-
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