Shaping the Way We Teach English


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Language Games for All Levels.flv (flash video) Language Games for All Levels
• Kevin Mccaughey
Towards a Pedagogy of Peace.flv (flash video) The Peacable Classroom: Towards a Pedagogy of Peace
• Marti Anderson
Phrasal Verbs.flv (flash video) Phrasal Verbs
• Kevin Mccaughey
Supporting Diverse Learners.flv (flash video) Supporting Diverse Learners
• Wanda Walker
Speaking Clearly Activities for Improving English Pronunciation.flv (flash video) Speaking Clearly: Activities for Improving English Pronunciation
• Shirley Thompson
Evaluating Language Performance.flv (flash video) Evaluating Language Performance
• Janet Orr
Interacting with English for Specific Purposes.flv (flash video) Interacting with English for Specific Purposes
• Katie Ryan
Free & Fun Web Tools for Teaching.flv (flash video) Free & Fun Web Tools for Teaching
• Jacqueline Gardy

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